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By Madi Kh.
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One of the largest human-made lakes in the world

Lake Volta Travel Guide

Have you ever found yourself wondering the extent modern technology can take us to in realizing our wildest fantasies? Things that were previously perceived as nature’s doing can now be artificially and stably constructed. Did you ever think you would hear about lakes being built by humans? If not, let me introduce you to Lake Volta, one of the world’s largest human-made lakes. It is a wonder awaiting you to explore it.

History/Background of Lake Volta

Let’s talk a little bit about history. In 1915, the geologist Albert Ernest Kitson envisioned and suggested the building of the Akosombo Dam. However, his proposition was only realized some fifty-five years later, in 1965. The construction of the dam gave birth to Lake Volta. The creation of the lake resulted in relocation of over 70,000 people as the area of almost 8,000 km2 went under water.

What it is like today?

Today the impressive manmade lake serves as a reservoir, providing a substantial amount of electricity in Ghana. The lake and its adjacent countryside provide a pristine recluse from the chaotic Accra city. It is not frequented a lot by tourists, which is unfortunate, for people are missing out on some gorgeous scenery. However, this also means that you can plan a refreshing getaway to this place and not be bothered by crowds and noise. The lake is surrounded by some stunning topographical features, like mountains and lush farmlands. There also are several activities that you can participate in around the lake region.

Visit the Akosombo Power Plant

One exciting and educational thing you could do is tour the power plants associated with the Volta River. In particular, you can tour the Akosombo Power Plant responsible for providing a significant portion of Ghana’s electricity. Find details regarding visiting the plant in Opening Times and on the VRA website.

Few things to remember while going to visit the power plants

Every destination has its regulations that visitors must follow to show respect and for safety purposes. Similar is the case with VRA's power plants. Following are a few guidelines: 

  1. You are not allowed to take pictures inside or outside the plant. 
  2. Within the power plant premises, you should turn your cellular devices off. 
  3. You must ensure that you do not carry any instruments or weapons with you when you enter the premises.

Other things you can do when visiting the Lake Volta

While in the area, there are a few other options worth exploring, depending on your interests and energy levels. You can experience the luxurious side of Akosombo by treating yourself to a spa day at the nearby hotel featuring weekend buffets, spas, and much more or go on a day-long fishing trip and catch some succulent and delicious fish in the river.
If you decide to go on a tour, book it in advance.

Lake Volta is truly a wonder of the modern world. Although not heavily toured, it has immense potential and has a lot to offer. So, make sure you keep it on your travel bucket list!

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