Tower of Regina

Tower of Regina - Pervolio - Cyprus
By Jane van Bussel
Published on 02 Apr 2019, viewed 2978 times
Category: Places to see
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The Tower of Regina is a small stone tower [one of four] and it was used as an old observatory. It was built between 1489-1570 and is only one of the few surviving towers from the Venetian occupation in Cyprus.

The other towers are in Pyla, Xylofagou and Alaminos.

The tower was used by Guards as an early warning system to send messages to the mainland to warn for foreign raids.

On the rocky outer wall the lion of St. Mark is depicted: the symbol of the Venetian Republic. Buildings like this in the Venetian and Frankish style are still around in various other parts of Cyprus. Unfortunately, after so many centuries, many of these structures have turned to ru├»nes. 

An old tradition says that the Tower of Regina had an underground tunnel which was used by Regina in case of an invasion or when she wanted to go to the baths in Tersefanou. Regina would travel down in a golden chariot, withguards and escorts. The golden coach, according to tradition is still buried in the underground tunnel.

The Tower of Regina can be seen from many miles away, standing there proudly for so many years, to remind the Cypriots of the history of their country.